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Just about every city in America is complaining about the homeless population in their community. They villainize and some even demonize the homeless making them cause of all that is going wrong in their communities, even want to criminalize them because they are the eyesore of their city. That which is being done that creates homeless people never seems to come to the forefront of the many conversations that are going on about the problem. Literally, the number one cause of homelessness is the complete absence of affordable housing. We seem to hear about low income housing being built, but rarely see it come to fruition. 

Very simply, to end homelessness throughout the United States decent affordable housing must be made available. With little or no livable income homeless individuals will continue to pour into the streets by the hundreds. 

The majority of available jobs to the homeless are part-time and restrict the number of hours a person can work while not providing insurance or overtime except in extreme circumstances and do not have a set schedule and operate on an as needed basis.  A second contributor to the homeless plight is there are few full-time work opportunities that also pay a livable wage.

Our mission is finding homes and/or creating by building homes.

Let us start giving a hand up instead of a handout.

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