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The Abyss Of Hopelessness

“Where does one go when he or she cannot make sense of their present--every day reality? To the only place that accepts any and all comers without prejudice. A place that’s dark and unreal to the average person because of its hideous placements of cleverly disguised illusions of makeshift happiness, acceptance, and support which will allow one to play out his or her fantasy of normality in this life unencumbered by the repetitive concerns or formalities of everyday life. It is a place of no rules except those demanded by indulgence and created only to continuously destroy or annihilate human reason while it tends to isolate people from access to God’s mercy and grace. It is financially a local resource for many who find profit in someone else’s misery . This place is what I call the “Abyss of Hopelessness”.  Most do not and cannot acknowledge its existence in that they would then have to acknowledge the misappropriation of monies and acknowledge their inability to help people with their real problems.


1. Existing housing

    A. Could include turnkey

    B. Could include remodeled

2. New house  (Existing)

    Build on existing purchased lots

OUT OF THE ABYSS INC  is a 501 c 3 nonprofit ministry with one purpose. Ending homelessness one person at a time. Now I need your help to keep it going. 

I am looking for additional Board members who are not afraid of the politics and who are not afraid to stand for the cause. 


713-504-9062 is my number. If you can help in any capacity please call.

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